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Prayer Requests:

15 October 2021 Smith Family

Remember Wilma & Matthew together with their daughter and family as they have been affected with covid -
Lesley who is particularly poorly.    We pray for them all.

14 October 2021 Denise Woods

Please pray for Denise as she moves into respite care tomorrow.

18 September 2021 Mary Connelly

Following her stroke, we pray for Mary as she has left hospital and is staying in Lindum House Care Home.

Her own home is being prepared for her return and for the 24 hour care she will receive.

Please continue to pray for her and her family. Recovery has been slow.


16 September 2021 Church's 60th Anniversary

We thank God for the foresight given to the minister, Rev Cyril Franks and members of Goring Congregation Church to extend the church at the time [Main Hall] to what we have now, a beautiful Sanctuary.  60 years ago 16 September 1961.

10 September 2021 Donna Potter

Please continue to pray for Donna as she awaits further news as to when she will go in for her hospital appointment.

Donna also asks us to pray for her friend's mother who is in hospital with a collapsed lung.


20 August 2021 Donna Potter (Standing)

Please pray for Donna as she is in a great deal of pain with her tooth or teeth. She is waiting for a hospital appointment.

13 August 2021 Church Family

We remember Gaynor Anderson-Easey, Doris Baker, Marianne Barber, Rosina Bayley, Val Berry,  Jane Bond,
Gordon Brunton, Olive Bushby, David & Margaret Butcher, Mary Connelly, Alan & Valerie Cooper,  Jonathan Cooper

12 August 2021 Elders' Meeting

We pray for an additional elders' meeting to be held on Thursday evening 13 August.

4 August 2021  Graham Redman

Graham gives thanks to God and for all prayers and thoughts passed on to him during the past 6 weeks.

He has now been discharged from hospital and is feeling much better. Thank you to all.


30 July 2021  Those who struggle with their eyesight

We pray for all those who struggle with their eyesight, those who are blind or losing their sight, those who have or are waiting for cataract procedures, and who's sight is failing for many other reasons.

24 July 2021  New Eldership

Andrew has asked that we pray for our new team of elders; both new and re-elected today:  

Starting their terms of office in September.

We also remember those elders who are finishing their terms of office and thank God for all they have contributed to the church. We pray for their continued service in 'retirement'

22 July 2021 Carole Culliss

Today remember our dear friend Carole, and pray for her family and friends.


20 July 2021 Roger Wilde

We continue to pray for Roger and  Shirley,  as Roger is still struggling with back pain and the burden this inevitably puts on Shirley.

17 July 2021 Mary Connelly

We pray for Mary, a Church member,  who suffered a stroke on Friday 16th July and is now in hospital. Please pray for her recovery and her family at this difficult time. Her husband William (Bill) was minister here for many years. 

13 July 2021 David & Margret Butcher

David & Margaret who are both waiting for appointments to do with back and cataracts. We pray and remember them as they so patiently wait.


10 July 2021 Elders Election

We pray for those who are letting their names go forward to the forthcoming Elders Election later this month.

6 July 2021 Mary Redman's Friend

Please pray for Mary's friend whose very young daughter has a suspected brain tumour. 


4 July 2021 Church Family

We remember Bett & Tony Swierk, Rosemary Terry, Ryan & Susie Thomas and family, Alan & Alison Westcott,

Munro & Joan Wightman, Roger & Shirley Wilde, Isobel Willard, Giles & Rita Wilson, Denise Woods

2 July 2021  Jean Easey

We pray for Gaynor Anderson Easey whose mother-in-law died on 29 June. Jean spent many hours in the past helping in our Boys Brigade. We also remember, Gaynor's husband at this time as he has lost his mother.

1 July 2021  Carole Culliss

We remember Carole who has gone to be with her Lord today.

We pray especially for her family at this difficult time -  for the loss of a mother and grandma.

Please continue in prayer for Carole’s family - and for each other as we remember our lovely friend. 

28 June 2021  Peggy Mott

We pray for Peggy in hospital, and trust that she will be home soon and feeling better. 

27 June 2021 Church Family 

This week we are asked to pray for Andrew & Jill Sellwood, Christina Shearer and Matthew & Wilma Smith.

27 June 2021 Carole Culliss

We continue to remember Carole  and her family in our prayers as she still suffers in hospital after her stroke in May.

24 June 2021 Roger Wilde

We remember Roger and Shirley in our prayers as Roger has severerly strained his back.

20 June 2021 Church Family 

This week we are asked to pray for Wilfred & Eileen Rhodes, Rita Roberts and Trudie Sanders.

20 June 2021   Graham Redman

Please remember Graham in your prayers as he is due to go into hospital on Thursday 24th June.

19 June 2021  Edna Nicholas 

Edna struggles with her life from time to time. She would love to come to church regularly but finds it difficult.
Please pray for her. See Welcome note.

13 June 2021 Church Family

Pray for Geoffrey Redman, Paul, Mary, Chloe & Nathan Redman and Graham & Hilary Redman

6 June 2021 Church Family

In our prayers this week, we are asked to pray for Trevor Plank, Barbara Popplestone, Donna Potter and Kay Pritchard

13 May 2021  Carole Culliss

Please pray for Carole after as she recently suffered a severe stroke and is currently in Worthing Hospital.

6 May 2021  Ray Knight

We pray for Ray as he continues to visit his wife, Annette, with dementia and in a nursing home.

25 April 2021  Church Family

Mr and Mrs Ray and Verna Elliott, Mrs Cath Findlay, Mrs Joan Finlay, and Mrs Freda Flint.

18 April 2021  Church Sanctuary Open

The elders are pleased to announce that as from Sunday 18 April the Sanctuary will be open again. 

We give thanks to the teams of health professional ]s that have made this possible.

7 April 2021  Margaret Gardner

Margaret is in hospital after she fell in Lancing on Easter Sunday. We pray for a quick recovery

6 April 2021  New OnLine Prayer Book

This is a new on-line facility introduced to supplement our Prayer Book in the Sanctuary.

We hope that it will be regularly added to and become a benefit to those who use it.

Please fill-in the Request Form to add a prayer