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Structure of the United Reformed Church

The United Reformed Church has over 1600 churches in England, Scotland and Wales.

It is a non-conformist church with a total membership of about 46500: has over 1300 congregations, and 608 active ministers.
It was formed in 1972 when the Presbyterian Church of England and the Congregational Church of England and Wales united, and it was joined by the Reformed Association of Churches of Christ in Great Britain and Ireland in 1981 and the Congregational Union of Scotland in 2000.

Head Office (Church House)
The Church head office in Central London is governed by a General Assembly which meets in various places around the country once a year to discuss, worship and make decisions about the life and work of the URC. It is chaired by the General Assembly Moderator.
Southern Synod
The country is divided into regional associations called Synods each with its own Moderator. Goring URC is within the Southern Synod.
Meetings are held twice annually.

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Elders Meeting

Each local Church has an Elders’ Meeting chaired by the minister. This meeting shares responsibility for the Spiritual leadership and Pastoral care within the local Church. It also ensures that the pulpit is filled for Sunday Worship. 

Church Meeting

The local church within the URC is governed by the Church Meeting consisting of all its members, and is the ultimate decision-making body for the congregation. The URC requires the Church to  meet at least once a quarter, we meet bi-monthly. 


Beginnings of Goring URC

It was early in the 1930s that Worthing Congregational Church in Shelley Road began planning to build a new church in the rapidly growing area to the west of Worthing.


The present building was opened in September 1961 when the congregation became too large to be accommodated in the church building that is now the hall. This first building was opened in 1948.

Other Churches in Goring

Other churches in Goring with whom we share the Christian faith are English Martyrs Roman Catholic Church, St Mary,
St Laurence & St Richard Churches of England, New Life Baptist Church and Bury Drive Methodist Church.

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