Copyright Licenses Held

1.  Church Copyright Licence CCLI 6288:    Print and show on screen words and music of songs and hymns. See also Streaming.
      - Special Permissions:  See here

2.  Video:  Show film scenes for illustrating sermons and full-length films during outreach and social activities. 

                               NB. This only apples when song or film is llisted on the CCLI database.

3.  Public Performance:    Allows for public performances of live music at non-worship service events, but not on line.

4.  Music reproduction:   Reproduce pages from songbooks and music publications and to share sheet music digitally.

5.  PPS for Church Music:   Legally play music recordings on CD, MP3 and other formats in activities on church premises only.

6.  CLA Church License:   To copy pages from publications, study books, journals, magazines, children’s activity books etc.

7.  Streaming: Live streaming and recording of material during worship services.

  •  Only songs may be streamed that are listed on the CCLI database.

  •  It does not cover videos made or brought in from any other source.   

  •  See also 'Worship Copyright Guide', button below.



Songs not covered by CCLI

The Calamus company is no longer trading, but the following song licenses are still legal for using in the church sanctuary only, provided they are not streamed or recorded, except for those listed above.

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This page was updated on 26 May 2021