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Copyright Licenses Held

1.  Church Copyright Licence CCLI 6288:    Print and show on screen words and music of songs and hymns.
        See also Streaming ( No7 below ), and our
Special Permission Licences held.

2.  Video:  Show film scenes for illustrating sermons and full-length films during outreach and social activities. 

                               NB. This only apples when a song or film is listed on the CCLI database.

3.  Public Performance:    Allows for public performances of live music at non-worship service events, but not on line.

4.  Music reproduction:   Reproduce pages from songbooks and music publications and to share sheet music digitally.

5.  PPS for Church Music:   Legally play music recordings on CD, MP3 and other formats in activities on church premises only.

6.  CLA Church License:   To copy pages from publications, study books, journals, magazines, children’s activity books etc.

7.  Streaming: Live streaming and recording of material during worship services.

  •  Only songs may be streamed that are listed on the CCLI database or Special Permission Licences held.

  •  It does not cover videos made or brought in from any other source.   

  •  See also 'Worship Copyright Guide', button below.


Special Licenses

Songs not covered by CCLI

The Calamus company is no longer trading, but the following song licenses are still legal.   In Perpetuity

Longing for Light                                              Bernadette Farrell             R&S 512       © 1993 2000 Bernadette Farrell                           Calamus 15492 - in perpetuity

I the Lord of sea and sky                                 Daniel Schutte                   SoF 830        © 1981 OCP Publications                                       Calamus 10178 - in perpetuity

Make me a channel of your peace                Sebastian Temple              MP456         © 1967 Franciscan Communications                    Calamus 14644 - in perpetuity

I am the bread of life                                       S Suzanne Toolan              MP 261        ©  1971 GIA Publications inc                                  Calamus 16024 - in perpetuity

Sing of the Lord's goodness                           Ernest sands                       SoF 65         © Earnest Sands, OCP Publications                      Calamus  17095 - in perpetuity

O God you search me and you know me     Bernadette Farrell             SP 301         © 1993 2000 Bernadette Farrell                           Calamus 17801 - in perpetuity


The kingdom of God is justice and joy          Bryn Rees                           MP 651        © Bryn A Rees                                                          Letter from author 

Jesus the Lord says                                                                                        MP 384       © The Methodist Church                                        Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes   0207 467 5214


I want to walk with Jesus Christ                      Clive Simmonds                MP 302        Email from author                                         

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