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About this Church: building of the new church

The Church from 1940 - 1960

The Goring Congregational Church was inaugurated on 4 August 1940. The congregation meeting in Elm Grove School Hall.

The building of a new church was delayed due to the outbreak of the Second World War.

The new hall was eventually started in the Spring of 1948 and it was decided that it should be known as Goring Congregational Church although some favoured "West Park Congregational Church".

The architects were Messres Denman of Brighton. the cost of the building being around £5400.

(Bank of England calculated value = £200,000 in 2020)

As the Church grew, plans were made under the leadership of the Rev Cyril Franks to build a new church with a capacity of over 300.

Celebrating our 60th Anniversary: 16 September 1961 - 16 September 2021

The pictures below show Cyril Franks in the pulpit in the hall [then, the Church], The architects drawing, building committee and the stages of building the new, now present Church.

The Architect was Mr F W Winward of Messrs Weston, Burnett and Thorne of Southampton.

The Builders were William Willett (Contractors) Ltd of Hove and London.

Cost of the building works £27000.   Approximately £650,000 in todays money.

Photos submitted by Colin Nodes

Updated  30 November 2018

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