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Picture Gallery - Ministers of this Church

Ministers serving this Church from 1940 to present day
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1940-42 Bold.jpg

Rev Joseph Morris Bold 1940-1942


Led the opening service of the new Church on Sunday morning 4th August 1940 at Elm grove School Hall.  37 people attended.  He died in the Spring of 1967

Rev Frederick J H Humphrey 1942-1947


Mr Humphrey was called to Elm Grove congregation in 1942 and remained minister until after the war in 1947.

It has been recorded that he was a much loved man and held in high regard by the whole church and occupied an affectionate place in the hearts of all people with whom he came in contact. He died later in 1947.

1942-47 Humphrey.jpg

Rev Sydney O'Morgan 1947-1949


Whilst Rev Sydney O'Morgan was minister here, the new church was built and opened [now the church hall] on 1st March 1949.  The building was originally planned to open much earlier, was delayed due to the outbreak of the Second World War.

Rev Harold Springbett 1950-1953


Harold Springbett was called to the church and inducted to the pastorate on 9th February 1950.

In a letter from him in 1989, he says that his stipend was less than £7/week, with no allowance for expenses or telephone, and of course no car!  

He saw the opening of the Sunday School Hall in November 1950.

Now converted into Little Fishes Playroom.

1953-63 Franks.jpg

Rev Cyril Franks 1953-1963


Cyril Franks at a well attended meeting towards the end of 1953 it was decided to give a  very cordial call to the Rev Cyril franks from Abercarn. He came with his wife and family to be inducted in March 1954. Cyril was a great leader, and was instrumental in moving the Church forward into building our present church building.

It was during his ministry that the new church building was approved and duly opened on the 16 September 1961. He moved away in 1963.

Rev Wallis Hayward 1964-1974


Wallis Hayward moved from Portsmouth to Goring Congregational church with his wife Marjorie in 1964. His ministry was noted for his love and affection for children and young people.  A new Sunday morning group for teenagers over the age of 14, was one of his inspirations. Hence he was keenly interested in the Junior Church, Youth Club, Boys' and Girls' Brigades. It was during his ministry that the United Reformed Church was formed in October 1972.

Wallis died in Otford, Kent in 1979.

1964-74 Hayward.jpg
1974-91 Connelly.jpg

Rev William Connelly 1974-1991


William and his wife Mary, moved to the south coast from West Bridgeford URC after Goring's interregnum for about 6months. He was inducted into the ministry her in August 1974. William took his responsibility of looking after and visiting his 'flock' very seriously. He stayed until his retirement on Sunday 3 November 1991. At the close of worship the choir sang 'The Lord Bless you and Keep you'

Rev Ronald Christopher (Associate Minister) 1979-1999


Ron came to worthing in his retirement in 1979, after his full-time pastorate at Burgess Hill URC.

He was appointed as Associate Minister to William and had a special responsibility for the development of the Local Ecumenical Project (LEP) at Durrington. 

Once William had retired from full time ministry, Ron helped in filling the pulpit.

Daniel was one of his favourite books, we often heard him say and rubbing his hand together, "O I love Daniel!"      Ron died in December 1999.

2000- Sellwood.jpg

Rev Andrew Sellwood 2001-2013

Andrew commenced his ministry in Worthing as part of the Worthing Area Team on 13 January 2001. On the 1 May 2005 the Team was disbanded and his ministry was then divided between two churches, St Andrew's in Rustington and Goring. Since 2018 Goring shared his ministry with Sompting URC

1993-2000 Heckels.jpg

Rev Peter Heckells 1993-2000


Peter Heckells was inducted to the newly formed Worthing Area Team Ministry in 1993. He with his wife and two children moved from Sawston, Cambridgeshire. Other clergy in the Team were revs Margaret Ashby, Bill Murray, and Norman Croft. In 1999 he helped with about 10 or 12 others to redecorate the Sanctuary and keeping to to the original colour scheme.  His farewell party was held on Saturday 24 June 2000.

The Church has now entered a period of interregnum. ie without a full time stipendary minister.

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