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Fellowship Groups

Ladies Working Party  Founded 23 September 1943 by Mrs Humphrey - wife of Rev F J H Humphrey 1942-47


November1955           Ladies Working Party, (later renamed Social Afternoon) met on Tuesdays alternating with Women's Fellowship, meeting on the alternate Tuesday, all under the title 'Women's Guild'.


September 1975          Women's Fellowship & Women's Social Afternoons amalgamated and renamed as Women's Guild (Meeting alt Tuesday afternoons) 


4 September 2001      Tuesday Fellowship: from 4 September 2001

Boys and Girls Brigades

January 1953              Goring Congregational Boys Club, a forerunner to Boys Brigade was formed.

23 November 1953   5th Worthing Company of the Girls Life Brigade was affiliated. Captain.  Mrs H E Blackman

December 1958        5th Worthing Lifeboys Company was formed in December 1958. led by Robert Jones and Vince Nott.

September 1961      The Company section started with  Charlie Hodge as  Captain.  The Lifeboys became Junior Section

June 1997                  5th Worthing Boys' Brigade Company closed

19 July 1998              5th Worthing Girls' Brigade Company closed after Sunday morning service.

Kestro Stroke Club

14 January 1982     Kestro Stroke Club formed by Mrs Robin Bradley.  First Anniversary party held on 14 January 1983.

Mother & Toddler

20 April 1989             Ark Mother and Toddler Group founded by Mrs Val Gill.     Last meeting 27 February 2020

28 October 2021      Mini Fishes (part of Little Fishes Playgroup) replaces the Ark. started Monday 28 October 2021

Table Tennis

Tuesday 3 May 2005    Tuesday mornings, later to include Friday mornings.  Initiated by Roy & Sheila Gooderham


Coffee, Tea and Cake Drop in

10 January 2022          Monday afternoons Initiated by Rosina Bayley


Art and Craft Club

5 February 2022        First Saturday morning  in the month initiated by Caroline Hibbs

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