Elders  Nomination Synopses

Caroline Hibbs, 

I had the privilege of being ordained as an Elder in 2017 and feel that the Lord is leading me to stand for a second term.  I cannot remember a time when I didn’t believe in God and being a Christian.  I have had quite a few times in my life when I know God has carried me through some very hard times and He is always there for me.  I will work as an Elder to the best of my ability and to the Glory of the Lord. 



Valerie Cooper

I am married to Alan, we have three children, the girls are married with young families of their own and Grandparenting duties are probably due to increase soon.  We moved to Worthing in 1998 and have worshipped at GURC since then.  I have previously served on the Eldership and been Church Secretary previously.  I have also been involved with the youth and children’s work of the church over the years, presently joint leader of Table Tennis Juniors, open to non-churched young people over the age 

of 10 years.  It is a place to have fun and build relationships with each other and with Bett and myself as leaders, with the help of the Holy Spirit sowing seeds of faith in Jesus. I have a strong faith and pray that with the help of and in the power of the Holy Spirit our church will emerge from lockdown into the “new 

normal” stronger, with a wider outlook and the ability to move forward as a friendly and truly welcoming church as the new community is being built on our western border. I feel that I may have gifts to help with and feel lead to be part of this.



Mary Redman

I grew up in the C of E in Basingstoke, and don’t remember a time when God wasn’t a huge part of my life. I was confirmed aged 12 and started serving my home church as a Sunday school teacher and pianist. When I moved to Chichester, I continued to serve as a pianist and in the holiday clubs at Chichester Baptist Church. I joined Goring URC when I moved to Worthing 17 years ago and am now leading the Junior Church and on the Outreach Group. I have been a Serving Elder here for the past 4 years. In that time, I have learned a lot about our church, both the organization and the people. It has been a privilege to serve our congregation in this way and I hope to be able to continue to do God’s work in our little corner of Worthing.



Valerie A Berry

I was born in a small village in ‘Surrey and attended Sunday school regularly and was confirmed when I was 11ish. I firmly believed in God and prayed frequently.  

We moved to Goring in 2006 and when my beloved husband Rick went to heaven in 2018, I started walking daily I always seem to end up at our church. One day I felt drawn to go but I didn’t believe I would have the confidence to go on my own so I asked my neighbour to go with me the first time. During that first service, although I cried all the way through it I felt very close to God and to my Rick. Over the next few months listening to the sermons, bible study or prayers I realised Jesus died on the cross for my sins.  I am aware of the privilege and honour of being called to serve as an elder of this church and with God’s help I will endeavour to do it to the best of my ability. 


Rosemary Terry

I have worshipped at GURC for about 34 years. I was brought up in the Church of England, attended Sunday School and Junior Church and was confirmed when I felt ready, at the age of 18. I led the Kindergarten at my church for a couple of years before going off to Higher Education. I have been a life-long Christian and as the years have gone by, my faith has become increasingly important to me.

I started to attend GURC after moving to Worthing, when my eldest son joined the Anchor Boys and the rest as they say, is history! I took, for me, the huge decisionto become a church member in 1997. In my time at Goring, before returning to work on a full-time basis, I was a member of the Church and Family Group, co-ranthe Ark for several years and was also the Child Protection Rep. for a while. More latterly I was a steward for a number of years and most recently have become a street pastor. I am now fully retired and when asked this time, felt blessed and called to accept being nominated as an Elder.

I would describe myself as a people person and enjoy meeting and working with people from all faiths, denominations and walks of life and have many years professional experience in the area of safeguarding both as a practitioner and manager. If elected, I hope that I will be able to use my life skills to promote and support the work of our church and its challenges. 


Ryan Thomas

I come from a family of five brothers and have lived in the local area my entire life.
I had dabbled with various churches before finding a home at Goring URC about twenty years ago and I became a member a few years later. I was first called to the Eldership in 2011 and have since chaired both the Property and Outreach Groups. I am regularly seen on the vision desk from where I control not only the displays for the congregation but also the YouTube stream for those watching from their homes.
Drawing on my lengthy career in information and communications technology, firstly with HMRC and Fujitsu and more recently as a freelancer, I see one of my main roles in the service of God as moving the church forward technologically, in terms of both service presentation and behind the scenes processes. I hope to continue with the honour of serving the church as best I can.