Church Open: New Arrangements

A Message from the Elders:


Many of you will be wondering how we will be doing Church in this new time of “freedom” and will have very differing viewpoints and concerns.


Your Elders hope to arrange things in such a way as to accommodate as many people back into fellowship as is humanly possible.


To this end we will -

  • Continue to optimise air flow through the Sanctuary

  • Arrange seating in such a way as to allow closer contacts, where there is a shared wish to do so, while also providing socially distanced options for those who don’t – Please respect each other’s viewpoints

  • Ask that you continue to respect social distancing and use the collection plate in the vestibule and hand sanitiser on entering the Church

  • Ask that you allow those who wish to maintain social distancing to leave church first

  • Encourage the continued wearing of masks in Church for the protection of others

  • Allow singing – soft voices behind masks please – to minimise spread of aerosol particles


We will no longer maintain a list of attendees.

These arrangements are intended to honour the spirit of the Government’s new “freedoms” but Elders feel we must take a more balanced approach given their/our duty of care for all of our congregation in these turbulent and constantly changing times of risk, when local infection rates are so high.

Elders will of course continue to monitor the local situation and available guidance very closely in the weeks ahead.



Updated: 23 July 2021

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