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Church Officers

Minister: Rev Andrew Sellwood
Church Secretary: Val Gill
Pastoral secretary: Hilary Redman
Treasurer: Matthew Smith

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The Eldership

  • Church Office Answering Machine: 01903 600260

  • ​Minister: Rev Andrew Sellwood

  • ​Church Secretary: Val Gill

  • Pastoral Secretary: Hilary Redman

  • Treasurer: Matthew Smith

* Serving until August 2020 [Extended to 2021]              ** Serving until August 2021              *** Serving until 2022

Rosina Bayley *
Jane Bond
Alan Cooper

Valerie Cooper
Val Gill ***

Bobby Hitchin *

Caroline Hibbs *

Chris Howie *

Vic Joy
Bill Marshall
​Sue Mitchell

Barbara Popplestone
Graham Redman

Hilary Redman

Mary Redman *

Eileen Rhodes
Wilfred Rhodes *
​Matthew Smith *

Bett Swierk
Ryan Thomas **
Carole Webber
​Roger Wilde

Administrative Groups


Chair - Matthew Smith

Wilfred Rhodes,

Roger Wilde, Alan Westcott


Chair - Ryan Thomas

Mary Redman, Carole Webber,

Val Gill &  Rosina Bayley


Chair - Vacant

Alan Cooper, Paul Redman,

Ray Knight, Bett Swierk, 
Ryan Thomas



Chair - Bobby Hitchin

Margaret Butcher,

Bett Swierk

Hall Lettings Secretary:  Wilma Smith